Re-Imagining My Photography Through Post-Processing

For the longest time I held firmly onto a misguided belief that to post-process and image beyond mere contrast and sharpness adjustments was to commit some kind of sin.  That is was an abomination of all that was holy about “the art” of photography.

However, about six months ago, I discovered the incredible work of Brooke Shaden, whose compositing, lighting, coloring and other incredible skills opened my mind to the notion that not only is post-processing my photographs permissible, but to become the artist I am truly meant to be it was, in fact, required.

So, after spending a few months making up for lost time and learning all the fundamentals of Photoshop, I have taken to unleashing my creative whims onto my previous library and will indeed continue to do so.

The biggest lesson I have learn through this process is that no matter what anyone else says, there is no right or wrong way to post-process your photography.  That it is entirely up to you what you want to do and how you want to express your artistic vision.

For if photography is to be taken seriously as an art form – and I know from personal experience that many people don’t – holding back and taking a picture of a moment in time, without infusing some of your soul and emotion into it, in whatever form that may take, is to reaffirm the incorrect assumption that photography is not art.

I have now charged myself with the task of making it my mission to revisit all of my images and, to the extent possible, reexamine those images into which I am move to release my artistic vision, without a care as to whether anyone else likes it or not.  If it makes me happy then that should be all I need.

Below represents just the beginning of this metamorphosis…


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