Fabulous Fur!!


Today the Daily Prompt asks what texture is particularly evocative to you?  In short, I would have to say fur.  I love the feeling of soft fur running through my fingers, the palm of my hand or the side of my face.  I believe this all began when I was little and my grandmother would come to visit at the holidays.

She lived in New Rochelle, New York and we lived in Santa Barbara, California, arguably, two completely different climates.  She usually visited us at Christmas time and when she left New Rochelle it was pretty darned cold so she always had her long black coat with the fur collar with her.  Living in a warm climate I was already fascinated with the notion of being bundled up so much, but there was also something regal and fanciful to me about wearing fur.

I remember sneaking into the closet where my grandmother’s coat was hung and stroking the collar because it was so soft and luxurious and always seemed welcoming in a way, although that might have also been the very distinctive perfume she wore, as scent which today always reminds of her and the holidays.

In true enigmatic fashion, however, I also grew up completely in love with animals.  This odd duality manifested early in life to the point where I vacillated between wanting to be a veterinarian and a taxidermist when I grew up.

Oddly though, while I still very much love animals of all kinds, I still have no qualms about wearing fur.  You would think I would be carrying banners at PETA rallies, but nope, not me!  I am surfing ebay for discount vintage mink wraps and the like, unashamed and still loving the sensation of fur.


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