Podcast 5 – An interview with Lel Hurst

A must listen!!

Ready Steady Pro

Lel Hurst Photo Shoot Brighton by Rob Grimes Photography   36For Episode 5 we’re back to the interview format. Today our guest is Lel Hurst of LelHurst.com Despite being very, very, very (very), nervous Lel smashed this interview right out of the park. Lel was open and honest and shared some very personal things that have happened to her during her journey into her photographic career to date. In today’s Interview we talk about:

  • How Lel believes in training
  • How Lel’s confidence has grown, and grown over the years and the impact this has had on her as a businesswoman
  • How shooting all the time has helped Lel to hone her craft
  • We discuss supportive partners
  • Lel admits that she see’s faces…in everything and anything (See ‘Grumpy Bag’)
  • We also touch on the business side of things and discuss milestones, targets & goals

This sure is an insight into the very talented of a photographer who is on her way…

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