Podcast 2 – Second Shooting

Ready Steady Pro

On this episode I have 4 very special guests hosts with me on the show including a new voice in Neil Graham!

In this, the 2nd episode, we discuss the world of Second Shooting. including How to get more Second Shooting Gigs, setting boundaries with the principle shooter, the pressure involved in being a second shooter, whether or not second shooters should be able to use images in their own portfoilio, and the massive subject that is should second shooters be paid?

As well as discussing all things second shooting each guest was tasked to come up with something to give to you this evening, What we’re calling Little Gems. These can be found below.

Click the link below to listen / download the podcast.

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Click here to listen to the Podcast

This weeks Topics

Second Shooting & Photographer Assistants.

Today’s Little Gems

  • Tracey’s Little Gem…

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