Home Sweet Home


Today’s querry asks what person, thing or place do you miss the most when you are away from home?  Well, since I always vacation with my husband, and since my daughter is already off to college, I would have to say it would be obvious to state my cats, that is a given as they are like my children.  Too obvious to count in my opinion.

The closest second to the kitties would have to be my bed.  I don’t think I have ever been on a vacation where the beds have been as comfortable as the one at home.  There’s just something about it – the smell of the sheets, the fluff of my pillow, the fact that it has been broken in by me – its mine and I miss it.

Not so much at the beginning of vacation, when you are still totally pumped to be away from home.  In the beginning you are willing to forgive the fact that it isn’t as comfortable because you have so many things to do and see that by the time you lay your head down to sleep, you are so exhausted it almost doesn’t matter how it feels.

However, towards the end of vacation, that is a completely different story.  Your pristine suitcase becomes disheveled, laundry is starting to pile up and of course the prospect of being back to work is looming in front of you.  All you want, especially on that last night, is the comfort and serenity that your own bed provides.

(Today’s image is from the Starbucks I was writing in this morning.)

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