Somewhere In Time

Despite being an Aquarius, the sign of the future, I have never felt I belonged in the modern age.  Yes, of course I love my 21st century trappings such as my computer, iPad and iPhone.  In fact, I am very comfortable with using them, even instructing others on various how-tos of technology.  However, I have always felt inexplicably drawn to bygone eras and, channeling my inner Shirley MacLaine, I have convinced myself that I was most assuredly born in another time and place, or several.

I have always pictured myself living a life crossed between being a naturalist and an artist, spending my days exploring the local woods and meadows or far off lands in search of new and exciting creatures or wiling away the hour neck deep in art supplies drawing and painting until my heart is content.

Sure, that would mean wearing horribly restrictive, not to mention hot, layer upon layer of frilly garb, but that is part of the charm too.  I would live in a moderately sized cottage in the edge of the woods near an open meadow, much like the setting of The Secret World of Arriety, only not in Japan, but rather someplace in England, Ireland, Scotland, France or Switzerland.

I would have inherited a fortune and been able to live self-sufficiently with my myriad of animals and a library filled with books and trinkets from my travels.  It is hard to tell which century I am most comfortable with, probably between the Golden Age, but before the 20th century.

The only drawback is that I would be a woman and we all know how highly we were regarded back then (and now in some places).  I think I would have to embed a caveat that my wealth and influence would keep me from becoming ensconced in the unfounded bias against my gender, that if I kept to myself I could reasonably expect to be left alone.

So, there it is.  If someone invents a time machine, please let me know – I would love to go back and see if I was right!

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