Four Days in Dublin

This post is about five months overdue.  Having finally finished the last of my images from our trip to Ireland I am finally posting the set from the four days we spent in Dublin.  What a magnificent city!!  There is so much to see and do in Dublin, you need at least a week to make a dent in seeing it all!  The smartest thing we did was to purchase a pass for the “Hop On Hop Off” bus tour that circles the city and has numerous stops.  As the name implies you can hop on or off at any time along the route if you see something interesting you’d like to explore.  Just remember, however, if you are sitting on the top deck, make sure you have an umbrella handy because if it rains you will get soaked!

Important note, if you are planning on seeing the Book of Kells at Trinity College, get there early because  the line is ridiculously long.  Also, don’t plan on taking pictures, because it is not allowed.  You can take pictures anywhere in the library except of the Book of Kells.  I would say the same plan holds true for the Guinness Storehouse, as you can imagine it is rather popular!

As a lodging recommendation, look online for rental properties in the city center.  We rented a small one bedroom apartment for less than the cost of a hotel in the same area and it was the best bargain ever as we could walk anywhere as it was all close by.  However, I don’t recommend renting a car as it is way to congested and parking is really pricey.  Since there are so many tour buses, you really don’t need a car.

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