Beat the Heat!

As it is about eight million degrees here in the Chicagoland area….okay, well, I might be exaggerating just a smidgen…I thought it would be appropriate to mentally cool myself off with a picture of something that screams summer, but not heat worthy of the 7th level of hell.

Hendrys 5bw


This is a little fellow is a Long Billed Curlew and he (I say he because I have no clue, of course) was running along the surf at Hendry’s Beach (a/k/a Arroyo Burro Beach) in Santa Barbara, California.

One of the things I really miss about living in California, is the ability to take a walk on the beach.  Of course my Chicago friends will argue that we have beaches here.  However, I should like to point out that they are few and far between and the “sand” on them is more like fine gravel than actual sand which makes walking on them an adventure as they seem to have something of a quicksand-like property whereby if you don’t walk fast enough, you are pulled under.  Not quite the leisure pace to which I am accustomed.

Also, as a Santa Barbaran, I could walk two miles from my house and be right there on a beach.  Now I have a 45 mile drive to get there and getting there involves either the Kennedy or Eisenhower Expressways which, as anyone who has driven here knows, are a total nightmare most of the time!

So, I will sit here at my air conditioned desk, gaze upon my little Curlew friend and fantasize about my pleasing California beaches while mentally cool myself into a state of bliss as people and man-made objects begin to wither in the escalating heat that is becoming our new summers.

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