Anacapa Island

Across the channel from Santa Barbara, is the Channel Islands National Park, a series of five islands which are home to a wealth of natural and cultural resources.  Isolation over thousands of years has caused the evolution of plants and wildlife that are unique to the islands.

Among these islands is Anacapa, derived from a Chumash Native American name Anypakh, it is comprised of three islets (East, Middle and West Anacapa) which are inaccessible from each other except by boat and have a total land mass of approximately one square mile.  This volcanis island has been eroded over time creating towering cliffs, sea caves and natural bridges, such as the iconic Arch Rock, the symbol of Anacapa and Channel Islands National Park.

This place is particularly special to me because it brings back memories of a number of high school field trips to the islands.  As a student of Santa Barbara High School, I was privileged to be a student of Mr. Torres’ biology and science classes and at least once per year we got to visit the island.  Honestly, I have no idea what the assignment du jour was when we went there, but we were allowed to roam free and unattended which for me was utter bliss!  I found so much peace and tranquility there and often think back to those field trips with complete fondness.

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