Tagline: It’s All About Me

It’s all about me!  Who am I?  I am artistic, creative, intelligent, talented, earnest, loyal, deep, emotional, passionate, insightful, disturbed, sad, lonely, happy, peaceful, passive, compassionate, kind, considerate, self-sacrificing, resentful, jealous, envious, hard-working, lazy, pragmatic, purposeful, demanding, procrastinating, disinterested, shy, uncomfortable, self-loathing, self-aware, prideful, enigmatic, contradictory, unique, special, anonymous, insignificant, impatient, judgmental, accepting, inclusive, friendly, rude, intolerant, patient, measured, respectful, demeaned, put upon, self-deprecating, introverted, outgoing, changeable, explosive, frustrated, disappointed, sensual, intimidated, strong, resilient, adaptable, nurturing, supportive, isolated, sheltered, determined, stubborn, persistent, clueless, boring, outspoken, vociferous, vindictive, verbose, and silent.

So from this garbage soup of descriptive words what would my tagline be?  Mary Angelini, simple complexity!

19 thoughts on “Tagline: It’s All About Me

    1. Mary Angelini Photography says:

      Thank you snosler – my parents were always throwing around fifty cent words and if we wanted to know what they were talking about we had to look them up – eventually they became second nature 🙂 It is never too late by the way, always good to hear from others!!

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