Kilmacduagh Monastery is about  5 km south and west of Gort in County Galway, Ireland.  The monastery contains a round tower, which has a noticeable lean of over half a meter from the vertical. The tower is over 30 meters tall, with the only doorway being about 7 meters above ground level.  This site was of such importance that in the 12th century it became the center of a new diocese, the Diocese of Kilmacduagh, but is now incorporated into the Diocese of Galway.

Because of its wealth and importance, the monastery was plundered several times in the 13th century.  According to legend, Saint Colman MacDuagh was walking through the woods of the Burren when his girdle fell to the ground.  Taking this as a sign, he built his monastery on that spot.  The girdle was said to be studded with gems and was held by the O’Shaughnessys centuries later, along with St. Colman’s crozier, or staff.  The girdle was later lost, but the crozier came to be held by the O’Heynes and may now be seen in the National Museum of Ireland.  It is said that, in the Diocese of Kilmacduagh, no man will ever die from lightning. This legend was put to the test when one unlucky soul was struck, but the force of the bolt made him fly through the air into neighboring County Clare, where he died.

While we did not experience any lightnig, we certainly had our share of rain which made shooting here something of a challenge, but it was well worth it!

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