Clare Abbey

Located in County Clare in Ennis, the site is situated on the end of an ancient pilgrim path which ran to the holy well at Kilone Abbey, also known as the Rocky Road.  This ruin was once connected to the highest clans in the region.  This Cistercian Abbey was built between 1189 and 1194 by Donel Mor O’Brien on the banks of the Fergus River, between Ennis and Clarecastle.  While parts date back to the 12th century, the bulk of the structures date from the 15th century.  The site is notable for carnage in 1278 when a fracas broke out among the O’Brien clan which left many slaughtered.  As this site is located in swampy land, it is prone to flooding from the Fergus River and by the 1700s the site was in ruins, the O’Briens having long since left it for the Franciscan Abbey in Ennis.  The graveyard is still used today, as are the interior spaces of the site for burials.  This site can easily be accessed by car and surrounded by cow pasture.

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